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Just basic work name aditi in Arabic font done by the tattoo artist in one of the finest tattoo studio in raipur name designed neck
amazing tattoo designs in this we designs tattoo where we write the mantra in shoulder. in our tattoo studio we always use high quality ink which where not faded easily
Intimate romance resembles a tattoo... It harms when it drains however it feels great inside and keep going forever till the finish of your opportunity Tattoo studio in rapiur is a custom constructed tattoo and penetrating studio. A world class wellbeing standard and best quality is our primary priority.Tattoos and piercings are done by experts in a spotless domain. We have an assortment of plans to look over yet in addition welcome custom work, conceal work or clients possess outlines. They are sensibly estimated and give an incentive for cash to our clients. Including most recent innovation and new models is the substance of our cutting edge approach. Our predictable quality and dependable support of our customers has given us esteemed name in Body Art Industry world over.
Amazing painting for wall designed by our artist in our tattoo studio we also do wall painting in house as well
One more time Tiny Name tattoo done by raipur tattoo artist in tattoo studio wrist tattoo
Named tattoo with different shades of color in bottom neck. Get more creative designs tattoo in our tattoo studio. This is only studio in raipur where we provide tattoo training as well. We have well experience tattoo artist in our studio
Just finished this abstract lion art playing with black and red colour on forearms, just do imagine work by tattoo artist in raipur. he also have amazing imagination on customization of tattoo. in this tattoo studio you can find lots of customized designed tattoo in raipur
Initial name king with crown tattoo bye tarun Gohil at crazyink tattoo studio #kingstattoo #tattooartist #crazyinktattoostudio #raipurartist #kingwithcrown
lord Shiva is the most powerful god of the hindu pantheon. Shiva has many faces like he is also known as creator, destroyer, preserver. He contain both good and evil. Lord shiva has a third eye on his forehead which is symbolize for destruction when its open. He wears a snake whose name is VASUKI-The Nagaraja aroud his neck, and crescent moon adorning. And the holy river Ganga flows through his hairs. The Trishula is the weapon of Lord shiva and a Damaru as his musical instrument. making our best tattoo artist tarun gohil at crazy ink tatattoo studio in raipur, in chhattisgarh.