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NAME AND CROWN TATTOO. One of the most popular tattoo designs are the Name tattoos. Artists across the world come across at least one customer demanding for a name tattoo each day. The history of name tattoos is as old as the tradition of tattoo itself. The earliest known name tattoo designs were observed on the bodies of the tribes, who etched names of their ancestors or their chiefs on the bodies. This tradition later spread to the modern era, where name tattoo designs were used as a creative form of expressing love and affection. It could be the name of one’s spouse, fiancé, crush, parents, kids, friends and even pets. If you plan to surprise your favorite person, there can be no better way to do it than choosing one of these unique Indian name tattoos. NAME TATTOO, CROWN TATTOO, TATTOO ARTIST, MEN TATTOO, CRAZY INK, SURAT TATTOO ARTIST, RAIPUR TATTOO ARTIST, COLOR TATTOO, SMALL TATTOO, ALPHABET TATTOO,
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